The interview of Mr Kiwada Daiki (Kendo Kyoushi 7dan)

The responsibilities of the champion

Writer:Now a days, you have been organizing a lot of Kendo events and teaching Kendo to children while you work.

Mr Kiwada :I believe it is a mission of a person who got the title. Fortunately, I could be champion of all Japan Kendo championships. Children listen to my teachings because I have become all Japan champion. I like teaching to children and I believe that I should teach things I learned to the next generation.

Writer:What do you mind when you teach Kendo to children?

Mr Kiwada:Children have their personality one by one. I always try to develop their personality. So I can’t teach a lot of children .My kendo club members are little. It is hard to teach Kendo while paying attention to personality and individuality of each child but it makes children and their parents very happy. So I praise children who need some compliments. I criticize a child who needs to be scolded. Yes, sure I don’t leave children praise and scold. I teach while considering children’s balance. I always tell it to their parents.

Writer:Why do you teach carefully one by one?

Mr Kiwada:Because I hope that my students become person who can consider themselves. Especially, children have to be person who can consider and find answers themselves from this generation.


The things he wants to tell children.

Writer:I believe being a police man is very hard work but you positively join events. Why?

Mr Kiwadai :It is physically hard to join events and teach kendo to children during day offs but it is good mentality refresh. And then I can meet a lot of people in these events. It is my pleasure to join events and to meet a lot of new people.

Writer:Finally, what is the most important thing you want to tell children.

Mr Kiwada:At fitst , to have a big dream. If you have a big dream to be Japan champion and world champion, you can find what you have to do for the dream to come true. After that, you can challenge yourself to do hard. And then, you should treat people who support you before you haven’t achieved your dream. For example, if someone becomes an olympic champion, many people come to meet him or her at the airport, but if someone lost, only parents of friends come to meet you. I hope children would treat these people well. Sometimes, there are some people who ignore people who support them after their success. But they must lost trust. If someone loses trust once, they never get it back. We can get back money but we can’t get back trust. We shouldn’t cut the people who support us, never forget to be grateful to them.

He wrote “dream (夢)” and gave his signature for children.

One step for dream is raising own dream.

If you want to get your dream, never forget to effort.

Don’t forget grateful feelings for people who support you.

These are things we shouldn’t forget but it is difficult to continue such these things.

I hope that children understand Mr Kiwada’s feelings.