The interview of Furukawa Kazuo sensei (Hanshi 8 dan)②

The referees shouldn’t forget to be good an example

Writer:Can you tell me what you think about  this tournament.

Furukawa sensei:At first I would like to say something about the referees. The tournament quality depends on the referee quality. Good shiai would be held by good referees. And then , the manners and attitudes of referees influences manners and attitudes of participants.

I think that almost all local teachers are not experts in Kendo. Everyone who teaches Kendo at their spare time during  working at company, school and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Yes, I understand that everyone teaches very hard. But almost all teachers haven’t took the referee seminar as a Kendo expert so they should improve their attitudes and the way they move.

Writer: Can you tell me examples?

Furukawa sensei:For example, when they sit and wait to referee, they should always straighten up their back.  It is thout  at referee seminar in Japan.  Not only in technique, but also attitude the referees have to be good examples for players. After I strictly told such these things at the 2 days referee seminars, compare to the 1st day, the attitudes of referees became better . I hope that everyone tries to raise the level of Kendo and referee by inviting good teachers in Japan.スポンサードリンク

I hope everyone learns correct Kendo

Writer:What do you think about technique?

Furukawa sensei:I’m concerned Kasumi no Kamae

This kamae is very bad kamae. It is caused from the mind they don’t want to be striked . But there are a lot of Japanese students who do it now a days. I think unfortunately, on the other hand the more students who have studied kendo in Japan can learn a lot of things, they are being influenced  bad habits of Japanese students that is focusing on shiai .  I found a lot of Kasumi no Kamae in this tournament. If local teachers teach it, it should be improved immediately. Local teachers have to tell `Kasumi no Kamae is not correct` to local players.

Writer:Probably local teachers never teach it but now a days  there are not enough teachers in Vietnameachers are not enough in Vietnam.

Furukawa sensei:I hope that they will invite experts from Japan for improving such situations.

Summary of the interviews

Furukawa sensei emphasized that

local teachers and players should learn thoroughly

`Manners of Kendo`

`The way one moves`

‘ Rules’


 get Basic techniques (基本技)

I hope that the lecture from Furukawa sensei resonates in local players hearts and are useful for developing Kendo in Vietnam.