Interview of Furukawa Kazuo sensei (Hanshi 8dan) To develop Kendo in foreign country

We already told about the 2nd HCM Open Kendo Championships(3/22~3/24)at last blog.

Fortunately, We got chance to hear thinking of Furukawa sensei who was the chief referee of the tournament. Sensei taught a lot of things what elements need to develop Kendo in foreign country.

Especially Kendo teacher in foreign country should read it!

Furukawa Kazuo sensei (Hanshi 8dan)

Teacher who live in foreign country seriously need to learn Kendo more.

Writer:” How did you get impression by Vietnam people?”

Furukawa sensei:「It’s my first time to visit Vietnam and look Vietnam Kendo. I understand that participants practice Kendo very hard. However, I found that some participants do breach of manners of Kendo. I beleive they do not know it.

But it is not because of local player.

I think that leaderships of teachers who live in Vietnam is not enough. So,I hope that  teachers who live in local and teach kendo to local players will deeply study correct manners,Shosagoto(所作事: the way one moves) and rules more. After that, they should teach it for local players.

Natural things in Japan are not available in foreign country. So teachers need to teach assiduously more.

Writer: How do you think that what things local teachers and local people should do to develop Vietnam Kendo.

Furukawa sensei:Natural things in Japan are not available in Japan. Beacuse practicing kendo time and habit are different. Japanese Kendo players can naturally learn a lot of things because they have a lot of chance to receive guidance from teachers and they can participate a lot of Shiai. But foreign people don’t have such environment. If they make a mistake something during keiko or shiai, teachers have to teach politely and immediately.

Writer:Your thinking is that the posture of teacher is the most important right?

Furukawa sensei:Yes, if teachers don’t teach mistaking is mistaking, local players learn incorrect things. I have to say again and again, It is not because of local players who don’t know correct manners, it is because of teacher.

I understand they do very hard but their leaderships are not enough.

Writer:I agree with you.

Furukawa sensei:I heard that Vietnam Kendo team want to participate after 2 years WKC in Paris. I believe that if they participated WKC in the present state of manner, they would be warned about manners by referees. Until they will participate WKC, I hope they definitely learn not only techniques of shiai also manners , rules of Shiai and referee rules. For their, local teachers have to continue to teach correct kendo. I believe if teachers sincerely teach, local people repay our teachings.

Vietnamese kendo players practice very hard and their passion is real. Local teachers responsibilities are very heavy.

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