2nd HCM Open Kendo Championships~Thailand women team~

We interviewed Thailand women team members who participated 2nd HCM City Open Kendo Championships.

The members of Thailand team are Ms Ou,Mr Hui who have participated WKC and MsTran who are Vietnamese but she is living in Thailand now.

When did you start to practice Kendo and Why did you start Kendo?

Writer:When did you start Kendo?

Hui:About 11 years ago. When I was 19 years old, I started Kendo.

Trang:About 7 years ago.

Ou:About 8 years ago.

Writer:Why did you start to practice Kendo?

Hui:When I saw ASEAN Kendo tournament in Bankok, I thought I want to try it and to follow my older sister.

Trang:Because I like  Marchal arts.

Ou:She(Fui) started first, after I saw it, I thought to try kendo.

How can you describe your first Sensei (teacher)

Writer:How can you describe your first Sensei (teacher)

Hui:My teacher is in Thailand. Sensei is very kind and strong. I have been learning kendo from sensei unitl now.

Trang:I started kendo in Austraria so my teacher is Austlarian .

Ou:My teacher is also in Thailand. Sensei not only have been living Thailand long time also spreading Kendo in Thailand.

Who is your favorite player?

Writer: Can you tell me your favorite player?

Hui: I like Takanabe sensei.

Trang:I like Miyazaki sensei.

Ou: I like Nishimura sensei

Number of Kendo players in Thailand

Writer:How many Thailand people are practicing Kendo now?

Thailand team:Probably , about only 100 Thailand Kendo players in Thailand. And almost players are beginners and there are not a lot of women players.

Writer:Is Kendo popular in Thailand?

Thailand team:Japanese animations are popular in Thailand so a lot of Thailand people know what Kendo is . But, there is a few Kendo dojo in Thailand so Kendo players are not many in Thailand.

Kendo is very hard! But..

Writer: Kendo is not only hard also hot, cold ,painful. Can you tell me that why you’ve been practicing Kendo until now?

Hui:Kendo is  difficult martial arts. But that’s why Kendo is interesting. No matter how much I practice, I can find new things.

Trang:When I was an university student, I wanted to challenge a new thing. Kendo looked like the most interesting. Kendo is really interesting so I haven’t thought to quit Kendo.

Ou:I think Kendo is really interesting. When I do Keiko with somone, I understand their personality and nature. And then I can take a look at myself again in Kendo. It makes me grow so I love Kendo.

What is your goal from now on ?

Ou and Hui:I’ll produce better results than last WKC

Trang:I hope I ‘ll participate WKC as a player someday.

Thailand team got 3rd place in this tournament.

Ms Trang got 1st place in this tournament!

And Ms Ou got the best player in this tournament.

I’m hopeful there success in the future!!