International Kendo School 体験教室2回目開催のお知らせ


We will open trail international kendo school again for people who couldn’t come to join at 1st trail lesson.

日時 12月29日(土) 10:00~11:30 

Date and time  12/29(Sat) 10:00~11:30 

場所 大阪市旭区高殿7-16-27

Place 7-16-27 Takadono Asahi district Osaka city

株式会社ヤマガタ3階 道場

Yamagata company 3F Kendo room

~レッスンの内容~ Program             

1 英会話のレッスン English conversation

2 準備体操及びゲーム Exercises and English games

3  礼法 Manner, the way of bowing

4  剣道 Kendo


We are organizing the programs for people who are begineers of English. We welocome to people who don’t speak English.


Since the way of bowing is the most important element of kendo , we will explain about it with Japanese and English.


Basically, we use English during lesson. However,if you don’t understand what teacher say, you can ask to teacher in Japanese.


We also welcome to join with parent and child.We are looking forward to see you who would like to do challenge new things before new year!