International 剣道体験教室開催第1回目

12月9日(日) インターナショナル剣道スクール第一回目の体験教室を開講させていただきました。

We opened  the first trial lesson of international kendo school at last 12/9                                                                                                               



4participants came to join us.                  


Schedule of activities

1 簡単な英会話のレッスン

Easy English lesson

2  準備体操とゲーム(英語で)                   

Exercises and Games in English

3 礼法(日本語と英語で)

How to bow in Kendo (English and Japanese)  

4 剣道の体験(英語で)

Kendo (English)

まずは、英語で自己紹介や簡単なあいさつ、数字などを勉強します。At first, we studied how  to introduce ourselves .And we also studied easy greetings and counting all in English.

すり足は剣道の基本。子供でも楽しめるように、だれが一番早くできるか競争も加えながら行いました。Suriashi(no lifting feet step )is the basic of Kendo. We tried to make enjoyable lessons for children. We made children compete with suriashi race. Who is the fastest ?
竹刀を持って、かまえてみよう! Hold a shinai!  Kamae!
小さな体で面!!才能あるね!  Strike men with your small body! Very talented!


 We took a lesson in English but our priority is to teach ” to have a respectful manner and etiquette as a Budo”.  To train a person who can present himself to the world , we should teach manner of kendo, basic of kend and importance of kendo as a Japanese culture.


We are going to open the 2rd trial lesson at same place. If you were not able to join the 1st trial lesson , we will welcome to you at 2rd one!