The first Kendo Cafe Channel 【Nabeyama Takahiro sensei】

Hello, everyone.

I hope everyone are safe in such corona virus situations.

Kendo project have made 【Kendo Cafe Channel 】 on You tube.

We are inviting great guests on this channel.

First special guest is Nabeyama Takahiro sensei.

Profile of Nabeyama sensei

大学剣道がつなぐ剣士の未来①】学問をおろそかにしていては剣道も結果 ...



Nabeyama Takahiro (Kyoshi 8 dan)

Tsukuba university kendo club coach

ー His educational backgroundー

・PL high school Tsukuba university

・Tsukuba university graduate school 

ーMain result ー

  • Gyokuryuki kendo championship 1st place
  • Inter-high school kendo championship Individual 1st /Team 1st
  • Inter-college Kendo championship Team 1st place(twice)
  • All Japan the east-west kendo match participating World Kendo championship( Participating )
  • All Japan Kendo championship (Participating Top8)
  • He has guided his students to inter college kendo championships victory 4 times as a coach of Tsukuba university kendo club.


Nabeyama sensei is explaining about how to do correct suburi.

If you would like to learn “how to practice alone”, you should check it.


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